Green Cleaning: 101

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Do you ever wonder about the products you use to to clean your house?  Do you worry about exposing yourself, your children or your pets to potentially dangerous chemicals?  Are the products you are using detrimental to the environment? How do you best balance what works, what is good for the earth and what is safe?

Retail shelves are increasingly full of products that claim to be good for all of the above. But cleaning product labels can be awkward and hard to navigate.  How do you know if you can believe what they claim? And how expensive should achieving these goals really be?

One effective, easy and cheap solution is to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products right at home using ingredients you already have!  Below are a few tips to help you get started!

  1. The Basics: The simplest cleaning solution out there is one part distilled white vinegar to one part tap water.  Mix in a spray bottle and it’s great for tile and vinyl flooring, kitchen and bathroom counters and glass surfaces!  For especially soiled areas, consider warming for a few seconds in the microwave to increase cleaning potency. Expert tip: consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to offset the smell of vinegar and introduce a scent that is pleasing to you!
  2. Add one half part baking soda to the above for an excellent shower and bath solution that also works great on bathroom fixtures and tough-to-clean cooking surfaces.
  3. Get rid of those commercial aerosol air fresheners!  Squeeze some lemon juice on to small containers of baking soda and place around your home for natural, effective odor absorption.
  4. Those of us with pets know the value of a good carpet freshener!  A few drops of your favorite essential oils mixed with a half cup of baking soda can replace those store bought vacuum-up powders.
  5. Reduce your use: un-paper products are an eco-friendly way to save money while cleaning (and reduce that pesky paper towel lint)!

2019 – How to: Less Plastic & Less Waste

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Welcome to 2019, FULL of resolutions, goals, & promises! Lose weight, Eat better, less wine, more push-ups – NO FUN… But what about that thought that sits in the back of your mind – that creeps up on you when you unpack your POSTMATES or GRUBHUB delivery, full of plastic bags, utensils, and styrofoam? Here’s some easy tips on setting mindful, minimalist goals to reduce and reuse and save the Earth from plastic pollution πŸ™‚

  1. Go Bamboo. Use bamboo utensils – like these – to eat on the go, at work, or in restaurants that use plastic. These are super easy to wash – are dishwasher safe and are perfect for adding a glass or metal straw. The handy carrier is made of RPET (recycled water bottles) and are quite a statement piece. Awesome gift, too πŸ™‚
  2. Make a request. Request use of minimal plastic in your delivery and to-go containers. Simple, use your bamboo utensils instead of the plastic ones in the bag!
  3. Bring your own condiments. Did you know ketchup packages can’t be recycled? Nope. None of them can. Carry your own in a super small cool Tupperware or reusable container to cut down waste.
  4. Skip the meat. Try something new. We aren’t saying to quit eating meat, just try to cut down. Only veggies & fruits before noon? Meatless Monday? You decide. Just one meal makes a HUGE difference on the environment.
  5. Walk. Yeah, I said it. Hoof it to the store, the library, or bar.

Here’s to easy steps to doing good in your hood! For more info – check out —>