What We Do


Hillcrest Waterbugs is not only dedicated to the environment, but committed to others in our own backyards. Partnering with non-profits to fundraise for Arkansans in need is one pillar of our organization.


Our quality depends on our ability to reduce impact on our environment. This means always maintaining the highest quality materials and most innovative methods to make our products, taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products and examining how we use resources at our buildings and facilities.


Our sustainable products are constructed using a textile process that turns recycled plastic bottles into the highest quality apparel. All of our bottles come from the USA by our partners using the most efficient, eco-friendly processes. Then, they are sent to our partner in HAITI to be made into finished goods. By providing jobs and opportunities, our business is able to contribute a sustainable form of income for our Haitian workers. All items are printed in the Natural State. Arkansas.